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China marks 10 years as partner in world trade

China saw a nearly five-fold increase in both imports and exports since its entry into the World Trade Organization 10 years ago, creating more than 14 million job opportunities for the rest of the world

China`s Assistant Commerce Minister Yu Jianhua gave a detailed overview of the country`s rapid development over the past decade on Nov. 17.

China has fully fulfilled its WTO commitments

Yu said that China has transformed from a new WTO member into an active participant and promoter in the organization over the past 10 years and is becoming a respected, mature and responsible member.

Over the past decades, China has fully participated into WTO affairs and played a constructive role in promoting the Doha negotiations by making more than 100 proposals. The country has also actively promoted the formulation of multilateral trade rules, earnestly carried out trade policy review and answered more than 3,500 questions about its trade policies and measures.

In addition, it has successfully handled trade disputes with other members and protected the legal interests of Chinese enterprises through proper use of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy said that China has delivered an "A-plus performance" since it joined the multilateral trading system.



Date:2011-11-22 17:05:04     
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