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债务“减记” write-down




债务“减记” write-down

But analysts wondered how many banks would adopt a voluntary 50 percent> write-down> on Greek bonds and questioned where the money for the enlarged bailout fund would come from.


文中的write-down就是指债务的“减记”,一般用来指资产账面价值的降低。也就是说,一项资产的价值缩水,导致该项资产的账面值高于其当前实际价值,按会计准则将其账面值减记至反映其当前实际价值的水平。欧盟对希腊债务的write-down,即所持有的希腊国债票面价值缩水50%,是为防止希腊state insolvency(国家破产)后的损失更大。而中国对美国的“债务增持”就可以表述为increase holding of US debt

希腊将就欧盟的bailout package(援助方案)进行referendum(全民公投),这引起了法德等国领导人的抗议,认为这会加剧eurozone crisis(欧元区危机)。Referendum> 也可以指外交使节致本国政府的请示书,“举行全民公投”一般就用hold a referendum来表示。

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