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Shandong Yantai welcomes the great snowfall

Yantai meteorological department released the gale yellow signal, blizzard... [ more ]

Classic antique cars debut at Jinan, Shandong

At the Jinan Olympic Stadium, dozens of antique cars have attracted lots o... [ more ]

A 6-year-old girl becomes a cleaner

 Liu Yiting, a 6-year-old girl, has been doing cleaning work in West Shun... [ more ]


Jiaodong Peninsula witnessed the first snow of Shandong 2014

On Dec. 2nd, the pedestrians are walking under the heavy snow in Kunming R... [ more ]

World News

MH370 search underway, no related clues found: La Reunion authority

 La Reunion authority Monday said that no clues related to the missing fl... [ more ]

China grants allowance to WWII veterans ahead of V-day celebrations

Chinese veterans who fought in the Anti-Japanese War will receive 5,000 yu... [ more ]

Shandong News

Rising Jinan's Manhattan aspirations

The capital of East China's Shandong province implements aggressive strate... [ more ]

Plans to take Qilu culture to overseas audiences

 With rich cultural resources, Shandong is committed to promoting its loc... [ more ]

Too hard to say goodbye to Tibet: China's Jane Goodall

Too hard to say goodbye to Tibet: China's Jane Goodall

The love affair with nature runs deep in Xu Fengxiang's veins, and it beca... [ more ]

China News

In pics: Impressive Autumn Balikun, Xinjiang

Autumn brings golden leaves of birch trees, seemingly extraordinary splend... [ more ]

Beautiful words inscribed on pomegranates in Yecheng county, Xinjiang

Villagers of Ayake Wurang in the Boxireke township of Yecheng county,Kash... [ more ]