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Shandong Yantai welcomes the great snowfall

Yantai meteorological department released the gale yellow signal, blizzard... [ more ]

Classic antique cars debut at Jinan, Shandong

At the Jinan Olympic Stadium, dozens of antique cars have attracted lots o... [ more ]

A 6-year-old girl becomes a cleaner

 Liu Yiting, a 6-year-old girl, has been doing cleaning work in West Shun... [ more ]


Jiaodong Peninsula witnessed the first snow of Shandong 2014

On Dec. 2nd, the pedestrians are walking under the heavy snow in Kunming R... [ more ]

World News

Bicycling offers leisurely way to see the sights

 Spring is a great time to bicycle around Hangzhou's green hills as flowe... [ more ]

ISU World Figure Skating Championships opens in Shanghai

Chinese skaters Shen Xue (R) and Zhao Hongbo perform during the opening ce... [ more ]

Shandong News

SDU Holds Press Conference of the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences

Zhang Rong stated that the success in winning the organizing right of the ... [ more ]

the little snow in Tai'an in 2015

Here are the pictures of the snow scenery taken in Tai'an. [ more ]

Participants of Miss Tourism City Champion Show Filial Piety Culture in Shandong

Participants of Miss Tourism City Champion take a hot spring bath with "gr... [ more ]

Ukrainian ballet troupe brings <EM>The Nutcracker</EM> to Shandong

Ukrainian ballet troupe brings The Nutcracker to Shandong

Co-sponsored by Qilu Evening News and Shandong Performing Arts Alliance Co... [ more ]

China News

Telling China's story

Discovery Channel, known for its culturally diverse content, announced las... [ more ]

All the elements for a great break

DaLi, capital of the ancient kingdoms of Nanshao and Dali, is the home of ... [ more ]