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China's ice-breaker leaves Australia for Westerlies

After making a stop at Fremantle, Australia for supplies, China`s Antarctic expedition vessel Snow Dragon left Fremantle at the night of Nov. 19 and will sail through the Westerlies to the Antarctic Zhongshan Station. 

It will be the first of the Snow Dragon`s four voyages through the Westerlies. 

To ensure the success of the trip, the vessel has set its course based on calculated wind directions and wave surges. According to the available information, the ship is expected to pass 60 degrees south latitude on Nov. 26 before entering into the icy region. 

The Westerlies are a low pressure area between 40 and 65 degrees south latitude, with prevailing southwesterly winds. It is an area with intense cyclonic activities through which of China`s Antarctic expedition vessels must pass. 
Date:2011-11-22 17:04:27     
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