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Beauty Project season one: say goodbye to body hair


Our newsnet launches the Beauty Project recently. In the first season, we cooperated with the Celebrities Plastic Surgery Hospital in Jinan and provide a opportunity for 2 lucky netizens to enjoy the charge-free hair removal.

The project is officially launched since June the 13th and attracted the attention of many girls in two days. On June the 15th, we choose Ms. Zhao and Ms. Wu from Jinan randomly.

>The two ladies, accompanied by our Beauty Project report group, received hair removal surgery in the hospital on June the 17th. It is a time to witness beauty. Beauticians are also invited to give us a explanation of problems about hair removal.


>The Beauty Project season two will be launched soon, don’t miss the opportunity to become a beauty.

Date:2011-6-17 10:44:15     
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