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Chinese peacekeeping troops conduct real bullet drills in Weifang


BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- China`s peacekeeping troops held Blue-helmet Action 2011, which featwured real-bullet exercises, in eastern Shandong Province`s city of Weifang Thursday, according to the Jinan Military Command of the Chinese People`s Liberation Army (PLA).

The two-part exercise included a drill dealing with armed attacks and another involving the handling of impact of social disorders.

The exercise was designed in accordance with the relevant United Nations regulations regarding the occurrence of unexpected events, said Zheng Jiagai, a deputy commander of an army group under the PLA Jinan Military Command.

The drills are aimed at testing the Chinese peacekeepers` prompt emergency response capabilities, which is the most necessary attribute for the UN peacekeeping troops, Zheng said.

Chinese observers began joining in UN peacekeeping activities in 1990, and, in 1992, China sent its first 800-member peacekeeping detachment to Cambodia.

So far, China has dispatched over 7,000 blue-helmet peacekeepers to take part in various UN peacekeeping programs.

  Date:2011-9-16 8:28:35     
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