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Blogger from Rizhao would sue Durex for copying her blog

A woman, who said she would sue condoms maker Durex in China for copying her blog, has decided to settle the issue out of court on Thursday afternoon.

The blogger, who calls herself Labixiaoqiu, posted a blog on Sept 19 to her Weibo account, a Chinese micro-blogging website.

On Wednesday morning, Durex copied the content and posted the same post on its official Weibo site without attributing the source, the City Sun,a newspaper based in Rizhao, East China`s Shandong province, reported.

She said later that day she would sue Durex, asking for compensation of 1 yuan ($0.16) and 100 boxes of condoms made by one of its rivals. She also said she had found two lawyers who were willing to take on her case pro bono.

The company apologized on Weibo at noon on Wednesday and offered to send the woman three years` supply of Durex products.

The woman declined at first, but finally changed her mind.

She said she will send the 200 boxes of Durex products to neitzens and one of her lawyers.

Date:2011-9-23 7:59:57     
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