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Occupy Chicago movement gains momentum as it enters 15th day


Protestors take part in the Occupy Chicago demonstration in Chicago, the U.S., Oct. 7, 2011. About 350 protestors took part in Friday`s Occupy Chicago demonstration to support the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. (Xinhua/Li Mi)

Chicago, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Organizers said on Friday they are seeing surging numbers coming out to oppose corporate greed as small scale "Occupy Chicago" demonstration has expanded to a movement of nearly 400 committed protestors on the day.

On Friday, hundreds are "occupying" outside the Federal Reserve Building around the clock, while hundreds of others marched down the busy streets, chanting and waving homemade posters.

One of the organizers told Xinhua that the Occupy Chicago movement, which began with some five "occupiers" on Sept. 23, attracted nearly 400 people on Friday.

The organizers said that over 3,000 people are expected this weekend to take part in a protesting rally in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war.

The Occupy Chicago movement says it represents "99 percent" of Americans that are subjugated to corporate interests in government, and participants are passionate to voice their grievances encountered in the current economic recession.

The organizers posted a list of proposed demands on their website on Friday, including "Repeal Bush Tax Cuts For the Wealthy," "Fully Investigate And Prosecute the Wall Street Criminals," "Eliminate Corporate Personhood."

"We are asking these big companies to be responsible, to stop getting huge bonuses for failing at their jobs and often basically committing fraud, to stop announcing record profits and in the same press conference announcing layoffs and extra fees so they can continue record profits," according to a comment on the website.

But some observers have pointed out that the movement, which lacks direction, leadership and clearly defined goals, continues to grow only due to the shared frustration with government polices clearly written to benefit the wealthiest Americans.

After protesters in New York started their "Occupy Wall Street" movement last month, similar protests have spread to other major U.S.cities, such as Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Date:2011-10-8 17:56:26     
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