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The only boy in the class


  Edited and translated by Huang Beibei, People`s Daily Online

Ginling College (also known as Ginling Women`s University and Ginling Women`s College of Arts and Sciences) was a Christian university founded in 1913 in Nanjing, China. It was the first university granting bachelor`s degrees to female students in China.

During the Nanking Massacre, the college harbored up to 10,000 women who tried to hide from the Japanese Imperial Army. Wu Yi-Fang, who earned a doctorate degree from the University of Michigan in 1928, was the first female college president in China, heading Ginling College from 1928 until it merged with the University of Nanking in 1951.

It has been an all girls` school until recent years.

There is a total of 44 students in this class, the only boy in the photographs is called Yang Jiasheng, a sophomore transfer from the School of Sports Science.

Date:2012-6-11 22:03:35     
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