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About Zaozhuang

Zaozhuang (Simplified Chinese: 枣庄; Traditional Chinese: 棗莊; Pinyin: Zǎozhuāng) is a prefecture-level city in southern Shandong province, People's Republic of China. The second smallest prefecture-level city in the province, it borders Jining to the west and north, Linyi to the east, and the province of Jiangsu to the south.


The prefecture-level city of Zaozhuang administers 6 county-level divisions, including 5 districts and 1 county-level city.

These are further divided into 62 township-level divisions, including 44 towns, 2 townships and 16 subdistricts.

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Government website of Zaozhuang (in Simplified Chinese)
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Zǎozhuāng Shì
Zaozhuang is highlighted on this map
Administration Type Prefecture-level city
City Seat Shizhong District
(34°52′N, 117°33′E)
Area 4,550 km²
Population 3,637,600 (2003)
- Total
- Per Capita
¥38.324 billion (2003)
¥10,558 (2003)
Major Nationalities Han - 99.55%
County-level divisions 6
Township-level divisions 62
CPC Committee Secretary
Mayor Liu Yuxiang (刘玉祥)
Area code 632
Postal Code 277100
(Shizhong District)
277000, 277200-277500
(Other areas)
License Plate Prefix 鲁D
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