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Jiuding Tower


Jiuding Tower: located at Liubu County of Licheng District, Jinan, it covers an area of more than 1,000mu; it has 4 funtional zones, namely, multi- ethnic-minority-group zone, amusement zone, holiday tour zone and famous scenic sites. Multi-nationality zone consists of 16 minority stockaded villages, including villages of Dai Zu ( ethnic minority group ), Wa Zu, Zhuang Zu, etc. Therefore, it is a tourist attraction combining ethnic culture, folk art and folk houses. The amusement park consists of sliding over the lawn , decreasing of speed, bungee Jump and happy valley, etc. Famous scenic sites include Jiuding Tower, Guanyin Temple, Shengshui Pool and Lingjiu petroglyph. The holiday tour zone include holiday tour arena of cave houses, Menggu Tent, Taohuayuan and Fujiazhuang Old Village of 100 years.

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