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Hongye Valley


Hongye Valley: it is situated at Jinxiuchuan County of Licheng District, Jinan, and to its northern side is Jinxiuchuan Reservoir; it was planned to cover an area of 4,000 mu. Major view points are: architectural complex of gates with a style of the Tang Dynasty, Rose Garden, Xuanqiu Lake, Zhulao''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''an Historic Site, and Mysterious Xiangbala, etc. Besides smoke trees, loblolly, evergreen trees, various arbors and blooming bushes have also been planted; 10 special gardens such as Rose Garden of 100 mu, Azalea Garden and Plum Garden have been built; the whole garden becomes a natural botanical garden highlighting red leaves; there are also thousands of avian of more than 40 kinds, such as peacock, flamingo and swan.

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