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Qianfo Mountain scenic site


Qianfo Mountain scenic site: one of the three great tourist attractions of Jinan, having an altitude of 285m, it was called Li Mountain before the Zhou Dynasty (about 1100 -256 BC). It was said that Shun once toiled at the foot of the Li Mountain, and left many folk stories which are still well-known today. In the Sui Dynasty (581 -618 AD.), under the reign of Kaihuang Empire, many figures of Buddha were carved according to the topography of the mountain, and the Qianfo Temple was built, so the mountain was also called Qianfo Mountain. In the Tang Dynasty (618 -907 AD.), the name of “Qianfo Temple” was changed into “Xingguochan Temple”; since the Yuan Dynasty (1271 -1368 AD.), temple fairs have held at lunar “March 3rd” and “September 9th”; in the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644 AD.), the temple was expanded, so it gradually became a pilgrimage shrine. In 1995, it became one of the Seven National Great Scenic spots.


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