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Celebrities:Pu Songling

Pu Songling, was a native of Zichuan, Shandong in Qing Dynasty. He became a famous literary figure in his youth, but he never passed the imperial exams to be an official scholar. He never became wealthy in his life and he made a living as a private tutor. His fantastic fiction, "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", ranks among the most important works in China.

Though well-trained by his father in the classics, he never qualified for public office except for a brief appointment as an aide to a county magistrate in Jiangsu. When he returned to his home town he worked as a private tutor. His most famous work is Liaozhai zhiyi "Strange stories from a Chinese studio", a collection of stories about ghosts and spirits which he began work on at the age of twenty and only completed late in his life.

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