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80% of online fraud involves mobile devices: report

  (ECNS) -- A report by the Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) and Tencent Research Institute found that some 80 percent of Internet fraud occurs via mobile devices compromised by software, free Wi-Fi and hacking of enterprise data.

  In the second half of 2017, about 98.5 percent of Android apps and 81.9 percent of iOS apps required user permission to access privacy data, an increase of 2 percent and 12.6 percent respectively, but about 9 percent of Android apps misused permissions to collect user data.

  Liu Ming, a researcher with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said consumers still have poor awareness of privacy protection and usually assume some personal data is not important, while actually it is valuable to businesses.

  The report also found 26.8 percent of swindlers in common fraud cases asked victims to transfer money to so-called "safe bank accounts," while 16.5 percent pretended to be someone in a senior position.

  It said an analysis of online fraud showed victims usually had some of their personal information stolen.

  Hu Yanping, founder of DCCI, said the protection of personal privacy now mainly depends on industry self-discipline and improved awareness among netizens. Hu also called on consumers to think twice before giving out their biological information, such as fingerprints and facial data as these can pose more serious problems for Internet users.

  Zhou Hui from China Law Society urged the government to introduce laws and regulations to better protect people's privacy.

Date:2018-01-22 10:42     
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