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Hongdao Economic Zone strengthen inspection on food, drugs and special equipments security

  On September 18, Wang Zhen, member of the working committee and vice director of management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, led a team to inspect the security of food, drugs and special equipments in the zone.

  The group inspected the canteen of the construction site of metro line No.8, Huaqiang Fangtawild Holdings Inc and Hongdao Central Primary School.

  In the canteen of the construction site, the inspection group checked the supply channel of the raw materials of food, contingency plan, food retention samples, and pesticide leftover detection. Besides they also checked the health certificates of the staff members of the canteen, put forward some rectification suggestions on hidden safety risks of the switch of the steam box, and required the relevant departments of the construction site to take the main responsibility earnestly to ensure the bottom line of the safety.

  In Fangtawild, the group checked the licenses of the special equipment operators, watched the operation of the equipments, and listened to the report from the company’s leaders on the use and management of the large-scale amusement facilities. The inspection group stressed that the company should strengthen the management of the use of special equipments, ensure the safe operation and keep improving to greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC.

  The last stop of the inspection group is Hongdao Central Primary School. The inspection group called on the school for taking the opportunity of the ongoing food security events of the school to strengthen education on food security, clarify the responsibilities concerning food security, and actively promote the implementation of accompany system of sharing meals between school leaders and students. The market supervision authority is required to increase special inspection on the food security of food businesses around the campus to ensure the food security of students.

Date:2019-10-11 15:51     
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