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Supporting Mechanisms make students’ entrepreneurial dreams come true

  Ma Wenzheng, a sophomore of ZBVI (Zibo Vocational Institute), whose online shop “Dazheng Home Textiles” has reached 17,000 RMB of monthly sales in March. Thanks to the Supporting Mechanisms of ZBVI, Ma, majored in E-commerce, has spent no money in the progress of opening his online shop. He also gets a lot of useful suggestions and help from his teachers. So far, more than 100 students in the School of Business Management, ZBVI, have started their own businesses.

  Many college students do have their own entrepreneurial dreams. However, due to the shortage of funds, venues and experience, most dreams finally go unrealized. Therefore, three new supporting mechanisms in the field of finance, curriculums and internship have been adopted by ZBVI to encourage students to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Mr. Zhang Aimin, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZBVI, pointed out that entrepreneurship education has been adopted throughout the curriculums. The Institute would offer platform to students who have entrepreneurial dreams.

  The School of Business Management offers a foundation of 300,000 RMB to support the applicants. An entrepreneurship studio has been set up to help students build up their teams and offer necessary hardware and software. O2O offline experience stores are established for students to practice. Ma Wenzheng is one of these applicants and his permission was granted for his detailed and practical project scheme.

  To enforce a more reasonable understanding of entrepreneurship, ZBVI, among thousands of vocational schools, firstly offer series of entrepreneurial courses for students, including Online Shops Marketing, Online Shops Customer services, and Online Shops Logistics. The courses are taught by both the school teachers and professionals from enterprises. Some teachers are also assigned to instruct the students in the whole process of entrepreneurship. “The entrepreneurial courses benefit me a lot. Whenever I encounter problems in communicating with customers, I can always find answers here.”said Qi Xuezhong, a sophomore who is running a costume online shop.

  Several entrepreneurial bases are established in ZBVI to help students to practice and accumulate experience. The Entrepreneurial Incubation Base of the School of Business Management is one of these kinds. It includes the Talent incubation Station, the Enterprise and Community Services Training Station and the Logistics Professional Training Station, which are used to cultivate the students 'innovations as well as the e-commerce abilities.(Chen Zongsheng)


  鲁网淄博5月24日讯 淄博职业学院大二学生马文正的网店“大正家纺”3月份销售额达17万元。得益于学院鼓励创业的机制,学电子商务的他没花一分钱就网上开店,创业中遇到的问题还有老师帮助。目前,淄博职业学院仅工商管理学院就有百余名学生成功创业。






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