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Parcel cake

It is also called blue oil parcel cake. Blue oil is relative to animal oil, gene ... [more]

Yuji braised chicken

There is a saying in Jinan “chicken just in Yuji”. The braised chick ... [more]

Sweet and sour carp Yellow River

It is famous in Jinan. “Sweet and sour Yellow River carp” is always ... [more]

Huang barbeque

It is famous in Jinan. It is said that one person, with the surname of Huang, ba ... [more]

Roasted pork intestine

It, famous in Jinan, is initiated in“Jiuhualou” shop in the year Gua ... [more]

Diced chicken with paprika

>It is famous in Jinan. There is an allusion: Ding Baozhen, governor of Shand ... [more]