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Shandong cuisine
  Shandon cuisine are lightly flavored and rich but not greasy. Special care is taken to make them fragrant. Crisp and tender. The famed consume with edible bird`s nest is usually the first main course served at a banquet. The famous sweet-sour Yellow river carp, crisp on the outside and tender inside, is well like for its special flavor.
Shandong cuisine was originated from Lu and Qi in the Warring States (today Shandong Province), which was formed in the Qin and Han dynasties. Song, served on the "North" status of the representative.
China is the most extensive coverage offered local flavor branches and Jingjintang and throughout the three provinces in Northeast China.
Very different geographical characteristics: Shandong Province, this forms the coast of Shandong dishes (seafood) dishes and the interior of the Jinan and the Confucian Temple systems vegetables.
Condiment served about pure, delicious taste and merged with fresh, tender, fragrant crisp characteristics. Naitang stock and paid great attention to the modulation, color - broth, fresh white and color Naitang alcohol.
Dew Point: Do you learned to have served more than 30 common cooking techniques, especially explosives, and to seize the unique expertise of techniques.
Detonated about emergency fire quickly stir-fry; Prepared to pre-empt the innovative techniques, materials pickled sticky powder-oil yellow coin Seal collected juice; gone to law finished neat shape, Black In his quality, concentrated juice up thick. 

Cooked rice with meat


>It is a snack in Jinan. The pork with fat and thinmeat is chosen and slivered and bound together, then cooked and pot-roasted in soy. The broth was poured to rice and meat was put into it.


>Diced chicken with paprika

>It is famous in Jinan. There is an allusion: Ding Baozhen, governor of Shandong in Qing dynasty, used to be protector to prince”, “Gong bao” for short. He enjoyed; fried chicken cubes made by cooks Zhou Jinchen, Liu Guixiang, etc and served it to the guests in every dinner. Then this fish gained its name.

Sweet and sour carp Yellow River 

Raw materials: carp, white sugar, vinegar

Features: Paste linked to absorb, slow fire

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