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Ming Lake Lotus rhizome


It, also called white lotus rhizome, has corpulent root, thick flesh and much water. With the flavor of tenderness, crispness and sweet, it is vegetable in season, which can be eaten by fresh, mixed or sweetly cooked; the crisp and tender “crystal lotus rhizome“, “ginger mixed with lotus rhizome“, and the crisp “Fried lotus rhizome in meet” are the favorite menu in every family in Jinan. The lotus seeds have two kinds: the desiccated one and the fresh one, the latter can be freshly eaten or cooked as lotus-nuts sweet soup with a faint scent and tasty; the desiccated one, after dilate and evaporation, the bitter lotus pistil has been taken out, which can be made as “stewed lotus seeds with crystal sugar” or “lotus seed in honey”. The fresh and green lotus leaf can be slightly scalded with water and boiled until crimple, sugaring after cool, called “Lotus leaf porridge”, which is the famous food in summer in Jinan. In addition, fried rice is mixed with chicken, fish or meat and flavored, then packed by lotus leaf and steamed, unpacked to be eaten, with the faint scent of lotus leaf, which is respectively called lotus leaf chicken, lotus leaf fish or lotus leaf meat. It is the special custom in Jinan to pack food with lotus leaf, such as packed soy bittern dished, soy pickle, packed hot steamed bun, fried dumpling and water steamed bun, which all have unique flavor.

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