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  [2014.11.10] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [14:30:00 November 10, 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen,good afternoon. The 6 th green industry international exhibition is held in Shandong by the Environmental Protection Department and the Shandong government from Nov.14 to 16 in 2014 in Qing Dao International Exhibition Center.

  [14:31:09 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: let me introduce the main information of the 6 th green industry international exhibition.

  [14:32:23 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: since 2004, Shandong held the exhibition twice a year. The Green Exhibition has played a great role in the development of the environmental protection. The local green industry market platform gets the great influence and promotes the high technical communication. There are 24 counties and 2445 companies coming from the world. And we set the cooperation lies with Korea, Japan and some national departments.

  [14:33:23 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: the Shandong committee and the government release the “Shandong environmental development decision” and propose the measures for the environment market platform. In June 2011, the government and the environment protection department release the “environment protection strategic cooperation agreement” and propose to enhance the development and the influence of this market platform.

  [14:34:45 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: Green Fair's theme is "the development of green industries, the construction of ecological civilization," it will combine Shandong Province "across eight blue dream" to bring environmental technology and industry opportunities and focused technical requirements of air pollution control field. Exhibition is divided into: Environmental Planning and Demand Exhibition, air pollution control, water resources, environmental protection and energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of technology, equipment, products and services exhibition, exhibition of integrated services environment, green living exhibition. During the 6th Green Expo,it will hold "Open Environmental Information and Public Participation" forum, Shandong Province Environmental bottleneck analysis and a series of technical breakthroughs forum.

  [14:37:54 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: the Forums are the objectives and tasks "five" environmental planning and "2013-2020 Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Plan" proposed, combined with "Thirteen Five" environmental priorities to be undertaken to address the environmental and social development bottlenecks as the focal point, the organization of public participation, environmental protection and environmental protection industry policy research, environmental protection industry, new technologies and new product promotion, environmental protection and management model to promote modern services as the main content of a series of forums.The South Korean delegation is on behalf of Taiwan group discussion which will be held with environmental policy, environmental product launches focused forums.

  [14:40:23 November 10, 2014]Xie Feng: the characteristics of the Green Fair. First, the competitive products. The second is specialization. Green Expo as a government to build environmental technology exchange platform, based on the development of environmental protection industry and services, for the purpose of promoting pollution. Fourth professional. Full social attributes Green Expo, and in support of government guidance, and actively promote the Green Fair market operation, the formation of a stable, ambitious, responsible, high-level Green Fair organized team, for Running green Expo offers good protection.


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