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  [2014.08.01] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:00 August 1, 2014]Wang Shinong: Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: Good morning! Welcome to the Provincial press conference. In June 28, the provincial government issued a "rule of Shandong Construction Program," the rule of law to make the deployment of Shandong construction work, which is to implement the law as a fundamental strategy to comprehensively promote the rule of law in the construction of major strategic initiatives, marking the province the rule of law into a new stage of comprehensive advance.

  [10:05:10 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun: "Outline" from the project drafted to announce the introduction, which lasted for three years, has been modified 21 times larger, 17 municipalities and provincial enterprises, the central enterprises in Shandong province, and 40 universal law according to law leadership group member unit has participated in the on the drafting and revision. It can be said, "Outline" formulated, is a broad public opinion, pool their wisdom in the process,which is a deep understanding of the process of consensus, is a scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making process.

  [10:06:34 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun:"Outline" the basic framework and main content. "Outline" is divided into three parts 13 content, a total of 47. The first part namely is the "outline" guiding ideology, basic principles and overall objectives. The second part is in accordance with the economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization Central's "Five in One" overall layout of the building, while adhering to the rule of law under the premise of unity, development and the rule of law based on the actual construction of the province's economic and social, the rule of law Shandong Construction subdivided into 11 areas, made 41 major tasks.

  [10:10:04 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun:The third part is that "outline" of the full implementation of the law on the establishment of Shandong Construction promoting accountability request. "the rule of law in the provincial Shandong Construction unified leadership of the establishment of the unified leadership of party committees, supervision by the NPC, the government implemented various departmental units fulfill their duties in the leadership system."

  [10:11:14 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun:Third, judicial and administrative authorities promote the rule of law building. Judicial and administrative authorities are responsible for the legal protection, legal advocacy and legal services and other functions, which is an important force in promoting the rule of construction. The administration of justice is as an important part of the judicial system, each of which are closely related to the work of the rule of law. The province's judicial and administrative organs are at all levels conscientiously performing their duties, solid good work, and effectively promoted the rule of law.

  [10:12:55 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun:First,we comprehensively promote the work of law according to law. Actively implement the law according to law planning, deepening "into law six" activities.

  [10:13:00 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun: The second is to comprehensively promote prison rehabilitation work. Prison is the executive organ of the State penalty, detention and charged with the special mission of education reform criminals, to deter criminals and promote social harmony and stability, has an important role.

  [10:14:22 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun: The third is a comprehensive legal services to promote legal aid work.

  [10:16:13 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun: Fourth, comprehensively promote the people's mediation, community correction.

  [10:18:13 August 1, 2014]Wang Benqun: Fourth, study and publicize and implement the "Outline" preliminary plan. "Outline" Implementation depends on the joint efforts of the whole society, especially the need for extensive participation of the news media.


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