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  [2014.07.23] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [09:00:38 July 23, 2014]Chen Qiang: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen: everybody morning! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference. In the first half of this year, the province's environmental protection system is busy with the improvement of environmental quality, ensures the environmental safety, services three main lines of scientific development, as a positive, solid work, water, gas environmental governance have made positive progress.

  [09:32:00 July 23, 2014]Xie Feng: Ladies and gentlemen, friends from the media: Good morning! Here I introduce the basic situation of the province in the first half of water, gas environment and the second quarter of ambient air quality ecological compensation cases. A first half of the province's water environmental quality conditions (a) the overall situation in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, through the unremitting efforts up and down the province, water pollution control work in our province has made remarkable achievements in key watersheds . Since 2003, in the context of rapid economic growth, the province water environmental quality significantly improved for 11 consecutive years.

  [09:35:20 July 23, 2014]Xie Feng: in 2014, the year we aims to enhance and consolidate the province's annual pollution prevention and control work, under the strong leadership of the provincial government and the joint efforts of the whole province, the province's water pollution control work is on a new starting point and new positive progress. For a more scientific and objective reflection of the province's water environmental quality status, earlier this year, the Provincial Environmental Protection Office of the provincial control monitoring sections of major rivers are optimized adjustment, based on the original 91 sections, added 16 provinces controlled sections, provincial control the river reached 77, a total of 107 monitoring section.

  [09:37:11 July 23, 2014]Xie Feng: (B) The existence of outstanding issues and future work plans. Third part of the region, watershed sewage pipe network there is not complete, rain and sewage diversion is not complete, towns and villages along the river discharge garbage and other issues, resulting in a greater impact on river water quality, comprehensive watershed management still further intensify; Fourth, the cost of illegal low, high compliance costs of the problem is not solved, in order to reduce costs, few companies are not the normal operation of pollution control facilities, polluting phenomena occur when the larger environmental safety prevention and control pressure.

  [09:43:23 July 23, 2014]Xie Feng: Two cadres nuclear test. April of this year, under the Provincial Organization Department issued a "notice of the issuance of" 2014 Annual Scientific Development 17 City Comprehensive assessment work implementation details> of "PM2.5 concentrations for the first time included the status quo and improve the rate of development of a comprehensive scientific evaluation system, share points value of 40 points. Third, the project approval. On regional air pollution continues to rebound, suspend approval of its new projects involving gas. Fourth, ecological compensation.

  [09:46:45 July 23, 2014]Xie Feng: The third is to strengthen the prevention and management of motor vehicle exhaust pollution. One is to accelerate the elimination of yellow cars. According to statistics, accounting for 13.4 percent of automobile emission vehicles, particulate matter emissions accounted for 81.9%. This year the province's state-assigned tasks eliminated 428,000, to actively carry yellow car in advance eliminated auditing and financial subsidies paid work, strengthen law enforcement supervision, to maximize emission vehicles and non-standard car running costs, urging owners eliminated in advance. Fourth, strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision.

Date:2014-12-23 19:33     
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