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  [2014.07.23] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:24:00 July 23, 2014]Chen Qiang: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen: good morning! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference. In recent years, the province lands tax system and tax functions to play the role of administering the tax persist, the full implementation of tax policy, and further decentralization and carries out "convenience Tax spring action", and constantly improves the quality of organizational revenue, the province's strong economic and social services development for the province to speed up economic and cultural construction ,providing a solid financial security and a good tax environment. Today, we invited Mr. Han Kuixiang Provincial Local Taxation Bureau deputy director, publish, summarize, analyze, Shandong Province, the province's land tax system in the first half 2014 tax revenue situation.

  [10:24:55 July 23, 2014]Han Kuixiang:Media friends, ladies and gentlemen:good morning! This year, the province's land tax system deployment requirements fully implement the provincial government and the State Administration of Taxation, and always keep in mind for the country enrichment, the mission of the task taxing the people, combined with the second batch of the mass line educational practice activities around promoting tax modernization this theme, grasp the overall service local economic development, give full play to the functions of taxation, improve stations, as a positive, and vigorously promote tax according to law, continue to strengthen tax administration, and effectively optimize the tax service, the full implementation of preferential tax policies, solid Tax spring action undertaken convenience, allowing taxpayers to share the results of development and reform, to achieve the coordination of local tax revenue growth and economic development, to promote the sustained and healthy economic development, social harmony and stability to make a positive contribution.

  [10:26:34 July 23, 2014]Han Kuixiang: Regional revenue growth in key economic coordination. The first half of the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, Yellow River Delta Economic Zone, the capital city of economic circle, the western economic uplift local tax revenue of 95.2 billion yuan, respectively, 24.2 billion yuan, 58.8 billion yuan and 49.2 billion yuan, up 11.4 percent, 6.3%, 6.7% and 8.1%.

  [10:27:00 July 23, 2014]Han Kuixiang: Local level income grew faster than the central level income. In the first half, the central level and local level revenue were 22.2 billion yuan and 167.3 billion yuan, an increase of 3 percent and 9.8 percent, local-level revenue growth 6.8 percentage points higher than at the central level, the local level income share rising by 0.7 percentage points, reached 88.3%.

  [10:27:00 July 23, 2014]Han Kuixiang:Stock companies and private revenue grew rapidly. At last, the Real estate income contribution still outstanding.

  [10:36:22 July 23, 2014]Han Kuixiang:Next, the organizational work measures of income. In the second half, with the gradual implementation of various economic policies and reform measures in place, the province's economy will continue to maintain steady growth, but because of the larger mining industry in our province and high energy-consuming industries tax accounting, affected by market and structural adjustment, difficulty coming period tax related industries will continue to show a downward trend, to complete the task is still greater tax revenue. To this end, we will continue to adhere to tax according to law, strengthen tax collection, increase inspection efforts, optimize revenue service, and strive to accomplish the task of the annual tax revenue.

  [10:43:00 July 23, 2014]Chen Qiang: The press conference is over, thank you.

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