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  [2014.11.13] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:00 November 13, 2014]Chen Qiang: Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen: Hello everyone ! Accelerate the construction of a public service platform, the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the provincial government are in response to the international financial crisis and promote the healthy development of SMEs important initiatives. SMEs is public service platform network construction project in Shandong. In 2011, the state approved the first platform construction project, has been initially built. In order to fully publicize the achievements of the province's public service platform for SMEs, medium and small and micro enterprises make widely known the function and role of the platform.

  [10:02:13 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun: thank you for your support on behalf of the Shandong enterprises and the social people. Let me introduce the information.

  [10:02:53 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun: the rapid development of the platform is under the new condition. SMEs are an important force for economic and social development of the province,which has an irreplaceable role in promoting economic growth, creating jobs, improving people's livelihood, wealth and so on. This year, the province's new SME 170,000, the province's small and medium households reached 1.07 million, showing a "blowout" of development, SMEs greater vigor release.

  [10:08:25 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun:Services to the municipal hall windows platform is under the node lines. The province's 17 municipal hall are referring to government services model, the establishment of the SME service hall. Currently, the province's municipal comprehensive service establishments window platform service hall is with the area of 12,000 square meters, settled more than 400 service agencies, enterprises received an average of more than 350 per day.

  [10:10:55 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun: Professional services for the industrial cluster platform. 20 industrial clusters windows platform highlights the characteristics and advantages of the province of local industry, covering food, building materials, textiles, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical and other traditional leading industry and strategic emerging industries, in promoting SME cluster development, enhance the competitiveness of industrial clusters played an important role.

  [10:10:55 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun: the connection of the service platform and the offline service. Shandong makes the different service process to develop the professional service system. First, supply the financial service.second, supply the E-commerce services. Third,supply the information services.

  [10:13:09 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun:Fourth, to provide legal advisory services. Five is to provide management consulting services.

  [10:18:22 November 13, 2014]Wang Zhaochun:Sixth is to provide scientific and technological innovation services. Through the establishment of school-enterprise cooperation alliance, SME projects database, expert database, business challenges libraries to promote research cooperation and technological achievements transformation of enterprises to provide scientific and technological innovation for small and micro enterprises, enterprises outcomes reporting, high-tech enterprises, new products identification of new technologies and other services.


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