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  [2014.9.24] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:00 September 24, 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the press conference. In 1998, Shandong decided to make the provincial purchase work. In the past ten years, Shandong seriously practiced the government purchase method and created the new management system to promote the development of the deeper evolution in the new stage. Today we invite Chen Xiangzhi to introduce the information of the government purchase work and the achievement.

  [10:02:01 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: first, the development situation. The government’ work develop in a new situation through the practice, the evolution and creation under the leadership of the provincial government and the Ministry of Finance. The government purchase got great development with the big achievement.

  [10:03:11 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: the government pays much attention to the people’s livelihood development with the wide area. The scope becomes wider and wider with the increasing aspects, including Agricultural machinery, flood relief supplies, medical equipment, maintenance and support services, financial services, municipal construction engineering, transportation engineering, comprehensive agricultural development projects and so on.

  [10:05:22 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: Boost growth pattern and continue to strengthen the procurement function. Government procurement do not only focus on the procurement process,but need to play a role in the regulation of financial resources and guidance through the procurement results.

  [10:08:12 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: Establish and improve the institutional system according to the procurement popular. Financial departments at all levels is with the "Government Procurement Law" as a guide with local conditions, supporting efforts to establish a sound system of measures.The formation of the government procurement system is covering all aspects of the system. Especially in the past five years, the provincial finance department formulated systems and measures more than 200 items.

  [10:09:54 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: The gradual deepening of reform procurement team grow. Government procurement since I started in 1998, initially provincial Department of Finance is responsible for the procurement and implementation of supervision and management of the organization.

  [10:16:05 September 24, 2014]Chen Xiangzhi: The provincial government procurement work has achieved some success, but the current market economic system is not perfect and so affected by many factors, compared with expectations in all aspects of society. There is a certain gap between the need for further improvement and perfection. The Ministry of Finance in the government procurement work conference proposed a "four transformations" concept.

Date:2014-12-23 19:31     
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