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  [2014.12.17] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [15:30:00 December 17, 2014]Chen Qiang: good morning,ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the press conference. In order to standard the theater management work and promote the cultural service level of the theatre, the provincial Department of Culture and the provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision make the Classification and evaluation of Theatre.

  [15:31:20 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: good morning,ladies and gentlemen. In recent years, the culture industry becomes the supporting industry in the national economy and the entertainment industry becomes the core of the culture industry, facing the new historical chance and revolution press. The theatre is an important part in the entertainment industry and the core link of this industry.

  [15:32:53 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: Shandong is the a province of culture with the huge capacity. Especially in the tenth culture festival, Shandong built the new theatres and becomes the leading area in the local theatre structure nationwide. There are 126 professional theatres with the worker of 3150 in Shandong in October in 2014.

  [15:34:34 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: today we held the press conference to release the main information of the Division and Evaluation of Theatre, which plays an important role in the standard of the culture industry and boosts the building of the publicity culture.

  [15:34:34 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: first, it can boost the optimization and upgrading of the entertainment by the standard. It is an important problem of the theatre management and the service standard. It is an important method of the management in the market competition.

  [15:38:54 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: second, the standard can raise the level of the publicity of the entertainment service. The theatre is an important facility and the key part of the publicity system. We are going to advise the new standards for the theatre to make it offer more and more good entertainment products.

  [15:38:54 December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: third, it can active the provincial culture performance through the standard. The Division and Evaluation of Theatre will implement from Jan. 15 in 2015.

  [15:43:505December 17, 2014]Gu Yuqiang: The Division and Evaluation of Theatre is the first local theatre standard, which boost the development of the entertainment industry and make a system of the culture industry. I hope you can support our provincial work, thank you.

Date:2014-12-23 19:30     
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