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  [2014.08.20] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [15:00:00 August 20, 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Welcome to the press conference. In order to welcome the 10 th national ethnic minority traditional sports meeting, the government will held the meeting from September 20 to 22 in Shandong. Let’s welcome Ma Yingping to introduce the basic information.

  [15:02:10 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: Shandong Ninth traditional minority ethnic sports will be the basic situation. Tenth National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Council will be held in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia in August 2015, for the successful completion of the task of the province of group competition, the provincial government approved the Ninth traditional ethnic sports will be held in 2014 in Shandong Province held at Shandong University (Changqing Campus) pharmaceutical September 20 to 22. Guiding ideology of this Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Association is: adhere to the party's 18 guided by the spirit, focus on all ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development of the theme of "equality, unity, hard work, progressive" for the purpose the spirit of "pragmatic, thrifty, grand, warm" principle, to promote the popularity of traditional ethnic sports, promote minority excellent culture, improve the standard of entries, display characteristics and the competitive level of minority sports tradition, and create an atmosphere of national unity, promote various ethnic contacts, exchange, integration, consolidation and development of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony socialist ethnic relations, and further promote the development of the province's ethnic unity and progress, to meet the central National working Conference of the State Council and the General Assembly in recognition of national unity and progress of the Tenth National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Association held a victory.

  [15:06:22 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: National and Ethnic Minority Traditional Sports profiles the province. Sport is an important indicator of social development and progress of human civilization. The level of development of sports is an important manifestation of the country's comprehensive national strength and the degree of social civilization and the world, a number of major sporting events have been breaking state and national boundaries become the common language of humanity, in terms of the promotion of human unity and harmony plays an irreplaceable role. Since the founding of New China, and many other activities in the field of work ethnic, minority traditional sports will be called is the earliest start again the most continuity of activities.

  [15:09:15 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: in 2011, the State Council began to clean up and streamline the national comprehensive sports meeting, after nearly two years of investigation,.In October 2013, the national clean up and standardize the celebrations leading group seminar forum issued a formal, closed, merged and renamed some of the games while the National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports will be eventually be retained and continue to hold one of the few games.

  [15:10:45 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: Situation from the province, there are 55 ethnic minority composition, minority population 720,000 people, accounting for 0.75 percent of the province's total population, population over 120 million. Minority province engaged in traditional sports has a long history, distinctive, broad mass base,which is both an important way to keep fit, but also the emotional communication and an effective way to communicate.

  [15:111:55 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: Shandong Province Ninth Minority Traditional Sports Competition Projects. Traditional ethnic sports minorities gradually formed and developed in the long course of historical development, which is different from the modern competitive sports, to a certain extent, reflect the history, politics, economy, culture, religion and customs of various ethnic groups is an important part of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, loved by people of all nationalities.

  [15:15:45 August 20, 2014]Ma Yingping: Minority Traditional Sports rich in content, with strong ethnic characteristics and tastes, in this regard it will not be compared to other sports and the. Today, the provincial government approved a four-year term of each of the Minority Traditional Sports, has become the cultural life of the peoples of the province indispensable an event and wedding. Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet current game project, the number of participants more than the previous, on an unprecedented scale. We believe that under the provincial government's leadership, through our joint efforts, and the support and assistance of the community, particularly through the extensive publicity you reporters and news media interviews.The ninth minority traditional sports will be able to open into a national sports event, national unity event! Thank you!

Date:2014-12-23 19:30     
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