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  [2014.08.20] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:38 August 20, 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the press conference. Today we invite Mr.Song to introduce the 2014 Shandong college entrance examination and answer the questions.

  [10:01:20 August 20, 2014]Song Chengxiang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Under the leadership of the government and the provincial exam committee with the great support of the relevant departments and the society, the Shandong Education Department seriously implements the meetings and the papers’ spirits and accomplished the 2014 college entrance admission.

  [10:03:00 August 20, 2014]Song Chengxiang: there are several characteristics of the college administration: the first is the great attention of the leadership, the support of the society and the steady steps of the works. The provincial government and the vice-governor check out the work of the admission at the spot and point out the opinions and the specific requirements. The departments of the admission are organized according to different responsibilities and make sure the power to standardise the process.

  [10:05:40 August 20, 2014]Song Chengxiang: second, the rapid reflection and the openness. First, go further to perfect the the admission system to implement the effective measures and the achievements. Implement the measures of the college entrance admission to manage the platform and the information. Second, enhance the selection of the admission for the high-sport students and the preferential students and implement the publicity system. Third, the visit of the students’ parents.Selected business fine, strong sense of responsibility, good service attitude staff responsible for dealing with complaints, each of them received serious letter, phone calls, visits. Students and parents to reflect on the question did patiently explained, timely investigation, positive communication, rapid feedback, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the candidates.

  [10:08:23 August 20, 2014]Song Chengxiang: third, Strict plan, strict procedures, policies and regulations are strictly implemented. Fourth, internal control, external oversight, admission management further strengthened. Strict compliance with the Ministry of Education on College Enrollment Sunshine Project "six are not allowed", "ten ban" and "twenty-three may not" work discipline. Enrollment in the establishment of strict supervision and control mechanisms. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Department of Supervision, the Provincial Department of Education discipline inspection group hand drawn founded the discipline inspection group stationed Admission to the scene, the whole process of Enrollment in a full range of inspection and supervision. Admission to implement accountability and accountability, identify problems, and resolutely punished. Supervise the implementation of strict provisions of the Ministry of Education Colleges, Universities prohibited commissioned intermediary enrollment, admission charges linking forbidden without formal admission will be granted admission notice and other acts prohibited.

  [10:11:34 August 20, 2014]Song Chengxiang: the steady promotion and the development. The revolution of the admission has got great effect. We keep on servicing the provincial education industry and the promotion of the college admission revolution.

Date:2014-12-23 19:29     
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