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  [2014.10.17] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [09:30:22 October 17 , 2014]Wang Shinong: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to join the provincial government press conference. In order to implement the spirit of Xi Jingping’s speech, we implement the papers of the State Council to raise and practice the socialist core values and the excellent traditional culture during the development of the enterprise evolution in Shandong.

  [09:31:00 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: on September 5, the provincial culture department holds the whole provincial enterprise video-television meeting to arrange the Shandong business. At the same time, there are 50 departments and units which launch and sign the paper named “credibility and integrity cooperation memorandum ”.

  [09:35:23 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: the background of the honest and kind Shandong.The central and provincial governments pay much attention on the socialist core values and make the specific requests in a series of papers to let the values join in the national education.

  [09:37:45 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: the content of the honest and kind Shandong.the main content says the companies must speak with honesty,do with integrity which are the traditional excellent spirits. The new Shandong business should have the spirits of friendliness,honesty,responsibility,harmony and creativeness.

  [09:39:33 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: the work measures of the activity. In order to promote the practice of the activity, there are three aspects: thirst, build the promotion with all the departments and companies together.

  [09:42:03 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: second, build Multi sectoral, cross regional, cross domain information sharing,the long-term mechanism of credit, and trustworthy award, combined joint comment dishonesty and combined punishment.

  [09:44:52 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: Widely publicized, fully mobilize, and create a "kind Lushang" tree advocate action atmosphere. Respect the pioneering spirit of employees, focusing on initiatives to mobilize the majority of enterprises in the tree in Action initiative, initiative and creativity, closely rely on the work of enterprises to develop well.

  [09:49:11 October 17 , 2014]Wang Hongyong: Recently, we intend to carry out the following activities: First published "kind Lu Business" initiative identifies action tree. The second is to promote the various departments of the system proposed to implement the "opinions" and implement "" praise integrity disciplinary dishonesty "Memorandum of Cooperation" content prescribed in the Regulations, the mobilization of the system-related agencies, trade associations, enterprises to actively participate, and comprehensively promote the "praise integrity, discipline dishonesty "orderly implementation of cooperation, work together to build the province's business integrity and good environment. Third, the introduction of "integrity Lu Business", "responsibility Lu Business", "cultural Lu Business", including a "kind Lushang image list," a group of widely publicized in the media have to play as role models have a dream business and enterprise home. Fourth, release "kind Lushang" public service ads in the media. Notification is completed, thank you.




Date:2014-12-23 19:23     
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