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  [2014.10.17] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:00 October 17, 2014]Chen Qiang: welcome to the press conference today. We invite Song Junji to introduce the information of the Shandong new style urbanization plan.

  [10:03:10 October 17, 2014]Song Junji: ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Frist, thank you for your support and care for the Shandong new style urbanization plan. I would like to introduce the background, process, main content and the measures to you.

  [10:03:37 October 17, 2014]Song Junji: the background and the process. In recent years, the provincial committee and government pay much attention to the urbanizationand make it as the great strategy of the economic society with the support of science and management.

  [10:04:16 October 17, 2014]Song Junji: Towns are full of significant achievements. The province's 90% of counties is around the highway, urban per capita housing, roads, parks, green areas than the national average, sewage, waste disposal rate in the country, UN Habitat Award, the number of national garden cities first in the nation. Fourth, the level of public services has improved significantly. Residents around agricultural transfer of population, the province has developed a taxation, finance, household, social security, housing, health, employment and a series of policy documents. Fifth is that the prominent features of local urbanization. The province's floating population is about 13.7 million, 85% in the province flow, flow 48 percent in the county, the county (city) urban urbanization become the province's main space vehicle.

  [10:05:46 October 17, 2014]Song Junji: according to the central government and the provincial towns’ plan, the Provincial Housing and Urban Construction Department is in conjunction with the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, a joint Peking University, Renmin University, launched the "Plan" prepared to work.

  [10:06:11 October 17, 2014]Song Junji:After in-depth research and outside the province,the first draft of "planning"has eight solicit Provincial People's Congress, the provincial CPPCC opinions from all sides, the provincial authorities and city, county, etc., in May by the experts.

  [10:20:10 October 17, 2014]Song Junji:Third, the "planning" implementation measures. Next, focus on promoting the healthy development of the province's new urbanization with emphasis on "planning" to implement the four aspects.

  [10:23:18 October 17, 2014]Song Junji: "Shandong new urbanization plan," depicts a new blueprint for the province's urbanization development, to create an updated version of urbanization which has laid a solid foundation. "Planning" promulgated, marking the province urbanization work has entered a new stage of development. Please depth information "planning" the content and meaning, summed up the promotion of the country to promote the new urbanization typical practice and advanced experience. The whole society is to care for and support the formation of urbanization development of a good atmosphere, and further promote the healthy development of the province's new urbanization in order to accelerate economic and cultural province. Shandong people write a new chapter for their life and make greater contributions! Thank you!


Date:2014-12-23 19:21     
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