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  [2014.9.15] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [14:30:38 September 15 , 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon ! On July 23, the State Council releases the The Provisional Regulations on enterprise information publicity and officially implements from October 1 this year. The national business bureau studies the relative measures to release the five regulations for the implement. Today we invite the vice-chief to release the relevant information and answer the questions as well.

  [14:32:38 September 15 , 2014]Xu Xiangkai: Third Plenary Session of the Party's eighteen clearly stated so that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, the establishment of a sound social credit system, praise integrity, discipline dishonesty. State Council, "the registered capital registration system reform plan" proposed relaxation of the registered capital in access conditions, while building "wide into the tight watch" market regulatory system.

  [14:33:55 September 15 , 2014]Xu Xiangkai: the general content of the regulation.first, Establishment of enterprise information publicity system. The regulation fix the information of the enterprise, who to public the information and how to publicise and so on. According to the regulation, the publicity contains three parts: the business department, the government and enterprise. The government and the enterprise are responsible for the reality and the timeliness of the publicity.

  [14:36:22 September 15 , 2014]Xu Xiangkai: the building of the enterprise annual report. It is an important content of the state council’s registered capital of the registration system reform plan to change the annual inspection system to the corporate annual report announcement system.Change the annual inspection of the annual report by the executive in charge of corporate social responsibility to become embodied, relax direct government intervention in business, an important measure to promote industrial and commercial registration facilitation. According to the "Regulations", the enterprise shall, within a year January 1 to June 30, submit an annual report of the previous year by the administrative department for industry and commerce enterprise credit information publicity system, to the public community. Then set up the registration of companies and publicize annual reports submitted since the following year.

  [14:40:40 September 15 , 2014]Xu Xiangkai : third,the building of the information sampling system. Forth, the establishment a credit monitoring system. Fifth, the private system for the personal business enterprises and the farmer professional cooperatives.

  [14:54:44 September 15 , 2014]Xu Xiangkai : Third, the provincial commerce and industry system. The system fully recognizes the importance of the regulation and the implement to make sure to get down to work.


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