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  [2014.10.17] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:00:00 August 27 , 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the press conference today. The 20 th Shandong -Tai Wan Economic Trade Fair will be held from September 1 to 4 by the State Council and Shandong Peolple’s Government in Wei Fang. Today we invite the vice-deputy director Sun Jiangbo of Shandong Commerce Department to introduce the relevant information to us.

  [10:02:10 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Nice to meet you here. I thank the reporters for your support in the past works of the fair on behalf of the Shandong government. Allow me to introduce the works of the economic trade fair.

  [10:03:50 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: since 2008, the two lands have kept on the bilateral optimistic development and the political trust and opened a new historic mode for the bilateral ties peacefully. In recent years, under the leadership of the provincial government, the workers have make great progress in the economy and culture deeply and widely.

  [10:04:38 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: first, the fast development of the key ares in the investment business trade. In recent years, the Taiwan business have invested the high-technology, the modern service and modern agricultural and fishery industry. The top 100 Taiwan enterprises have accomplished the Shandong strategic investment and excellent projects in the medium and small enterprises.

  [10:05:27 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: Shandong-Taiwan exchanges and cooperation platform to achieve normalization and institutionalization. Since 2010, the provincial government delegation led by the island is held a number of major economic and cultural exchange activities. In 2010, when the deputy governor of Shandong rate economic and cultural groups in Taiwan successfully held the "Shandong-Taiwan trade and cultural exchanges Week" activities.In 2011, when he led a delegation to Taiwan governor, launched the "hometown of Confucius in Shandong hospitality" Taiwan row series of activities.

  [10:09:24 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: third, the steady promotion of the mainland and Taiwan communication. With the great hard work, there are four airline points and 10 shipping points in Shandong. The citizens of Jinan, Qing Dao and Yan Tai can go to Taiwan join using the personal tourists permission. And there are airports in Jinan, Qing Dao and Yan Tai for the Taiwan visitors.

  [10:10:38 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: Fourth, Taiwan continued to promote the construction of the park. Taiwan province's Park reached 42, the aggregation effect and radiation continued to enlarge the park, local economic development which has played a positive role in promoting. On this basis, Shandong-Taiwan Science Park gradually explore cooperation, integration of industrial chain to build a large manufacturing base, scientific and technological personnel exchanges and other types of new cooperative mode. Meanwhile the current Lu station will continue to prosper.The province will showcase a variety of forms and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation in the past 30 years and Lu station will be held 20th to great achievements, but closely linked to the theme of the province's economic and social development around the whole Province to build a modern industrial system development needs and economic and cultural cooperation with Taiwan practical, innovative hold a higher level and broader areas of communication activities. Lu Tai session will also be closer to the people's livelihood, showcasing the intangible cultural heritage items and Taiwan high-end products and specialty household products, welcome all people to visit the exhibition.

  [10:12:56 August 27 , 2014]Sun Chuanshang: the opening ceremony is around the corner. We use the time to prepare the works to make the fair excellent. We hope the mass media can do a great job in the reporting and find the good points as the steady platform between two lands. Thank you very much.

Date:2014-12-23 19:20     
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