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  [2014.8.26] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [14:30:00 August 26 , 2014]Chen Qiang: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon !Since 2001, Shandong has successfully held the Home and Aboard Communication meeting for seven years and imported a lot of talents to join in Shandong Communication Entrepreneurship. According to the biennial meeting, Shandong government decides to hold the meeting from November 11 to 13 this year in Jinan.

  [14:32:10 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon ! The talent communication meeting will be held from Nov.11 to 13 in Jinan Shungeng exhibition center.thank you for your long-distance support to all the friends from the mess media and Shandong social protection and human resources departments.

  [14:33:23 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: since 2001, Shandong has successfully held the meeting for seven years. In order to improve the influence and the fame, we decide to set the example and an excellent platform in Shandong. In order to attract more and more High-level overseas students to join in business investment, economic cooperation, technology services, research and other forms of cooperation to Lu develop further promote talent, technology exchanges between the province and internationally,which promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development of a strong talent intellectual support.

  [14:34:02 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: the main aim of the meeting is to further promote the condition of the overseas students coming home to serve the development of the province in the future. Highlight of the "financial global intellectual excellence, and promote the development of Shandong transformation" theme, in an effort to introduce overseas high-end talent and high-tech projects as the main goal, and carry out high-level personnel exchanges and high-tech projects as the main form of high-end home and abroad to build Shandong talent. The technology exchange projects docking platform attracts overseas talent to Shandong innovation and entrepreneurship, provide strong support to the talent and intellectual protection for the province to accelerate the construction of economic and cultural province.

  [14:35:35 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: There are ten main content of the Assembly :( a) organized returned overseas students and foreign experts in recognition of activities. (B) the organization of national "people plan" expert project negotiations docking activities. Key organizations have entered into a collaboration with the province in the early docking units concerned "people plan" experts to "Sea Fair" on-site centralized negotiations, depth docking.

  [14:37:09 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: (C) the organization of investment and financing companies and investment project financing experts to discuss docking activities. (D) the organization of overseas students studying project negotiations docking activities. Press the professional field set up booths at the scene of the General Assembly, inviting students to bring high-level overseas project promotion patents, high-tech and entrepreneurial intentions.

  [14:39:33 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: (E) the organization of domestic postdoctoral project negotiations docking activities. (Vi) the organization of domestic recruitment activities. Organization province medium-sized enterprises, universities, research institutions to be recruiting, focusing on the introduction of a number of domestic and foreign has a master's degree in high-level personnel and have the skills of highly skilled personnel, provide more talents for the province's economic and social development intellectual support.

  [14:40:40 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: (Vii) To organize seminars foreign experts. (Viii) the organization of biomedical forum and new materials Forums.

  [14:41:34 August 26 , 2014]Yang Xikun: (Ix) the organization of the talent at home and abroad on behalf of the forum. (J) co-organized project signing ceremony.


Date:2014-12-23 19:19     
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