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  [2014.10.17] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [10:05:22 October 17 , 2014]Chen Qiang: ladies and gentlemen, good morning. Welcome to the provincial government press conference. The meeting held by the provincial governments and Zibo will start from September 13 to 14 in 2014.

  [10:06:53 October 17 , 2014]Li Sha: ladies and gentlemen, good morning.the Shandong industry research and exhibition meeting will be held from September 13 to 14 in Zibo. Now, i am on behalf of the organizer to thank you for your support.

  [10:07:44 October 17 , 2014]Li Sha: first, the meaning and the role of Shandong industry and education research meeting. This meeting is the 23 th industry and education meeting. In the past 20 years, with the great leadership of the provincial government, with the hard work of all the departments and schools, the research got to the deeper levels and higher ability.

  [10:08:29 October 17 , 2014]Li Sha:First, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through research cooperation. "Twelve Five" has been around the industry in key areas of economic development, through research cooperation to overcome key common technical problems; more than 1,000, the province's industrial sector total patent applications more than 30 million, of which more than 100,000 patents, formation of a large number of major technological innovations with independent intellectual property rights. Second Cooperation accelerated scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, the province enterprises and universities and research institutes jointly build 169 state-level enterprise technical centers, provincial-level enterprise technical centers over 1000, Industrial Design Center 61, 35 industry technology centers. In addition to more than 300 companies overseas R & D institutions and the establishment of information centers. Third, the Cooperative has cultivated a group of high-level personnel.

  [10:11:09 October 17 , 2014]Li Sha:Overall Exhibition Fair is the party's 18 and the eighth plenary meeting spirit as a guide to accelerate the development of high-end manufacturing as the theme around the "transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency". For the further development, the provincial exhibition Fair of brand research, by focusing on exhibitions, promote exchanges and cooperation in docking and other activities, building technology, human resources, information and other multi-level, comprehensive research cooperation and exchange platform, to build research cooperation entity established technology innovation Alliance, constantly improve the technological innovation capability and core competitiveness of enterprises in our province.

  [10:15:23 October 17 , 2014]Li Sha: The media friends, thank you for the care and support of this research Exhibition Fair in the news media and the community's. It will open on September 13 at 9:00 am, I hope everyone on this research Zhanqia Hui much publicity, multiple reports, create a strong scientific development, innovation and development environment, and issued the invitation to the community through you. I hope that more enterprises, universities and research institutes, innovation and entrepreneurship take part in Exhibition Fair, as the province's cooperative make new and greater contributions to the cause. I wish the Exhibition Fair a great success, and achieved fruitful results! Thank you.

Date:2014-12-23 19:18     
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