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  [2014.12.8] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong on Internet

  [10:01:00 December 8, 2014]Chen Qiang: Dear friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: good morning! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference.

  [10:01:09 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu:Shandong: Maritime Safety Administration is under the Ministry of Transportation administrative law enforcement agencies in Qingdao. Shandong coastal waters is under the jurisdiction of the seven cities and coastal waters within the administrative area, which is mainly responsible for the protection of maritime traffic safety, the protection of the marine environment, to protect and safeguard the interests of the country as a whole crew at sea sovereignty of the four main functions, and perform Shandong Province maritime rescue center office duties.

  [10:03:17 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu: Below I briefly informed about several major work this year. First, pay great efforts to improve the scientific supervision. In 2014, Shandong government issued "Shandong coastal" Green Sea "to create activities plan", "party leadership, government regulators, industry management, corporate responsibility, social supervision" concerted efforts maritime security situation gradually formed. The newly revised "Chengshanjiao routeing" and "Chengshanjiao ship reporting system" by the 94th meeting of the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO MSC) for consideration, will be formally implemented July 1, 2015. Delineation, and Jinghai Bay Isle announced two public sheltered anchorage, the new anchorage area of 55 square kilometers, to ease the pressure on the winter sheltered from ships at sea, navigation environment has been optimized.

  [10:06:55 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu: Korea profound lessons, "the world number" lessons from the accident, the full implementation of the passenger ship "system five five off" and ship dangerous goods "Six asked six control" security monitoring long-term mechanism to study the preparation of "passenger ship safety supervision Guide" and the "single-ro ship safety comprehensive evaluation system "; organized" four passenger two crises "ship safety inspection activities, organization and South Korea passenger liner shipping safety special rectification; to achieve full dynamic monitoring of ships carrying more than 10 people. This year, the organization and implementation of ship safety inspection 2995, dealt with the defect 19235, prohibiting the ship leaves port 156 ships, 909 from the imposition of administrative penalties; strengthen the supervision and management of the Ship, the full implementation of small passenger ships, small oil tanker safety standardization management company. Ships from Shandong province stran        ded 26 ships stranded rate 4.5% decline for four consecutive years.

  [10:07:25 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu: In recent years, Shandong coastal maritime transport of dangerous goods presented "more," "fast," "high," the prominent feature. "Multi" means many kinds of dangerous goods, docks and more, currently the bulk transport of dangerous goods area of more than 170 species, more than 1600 kinds of packaged dangerous goods, dangerous cargo terminal 165; "fast" refers to the fast growth of dangerous goods traffic, following the 2011 exceeded 100 million tons mark in the first 10 months which has reached 200 million tons with an average annual growth of 20%, the total ranking of dangerous goods in the country, and this growth trend is expected to continue.

  [10:08:23 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu: Second,make great efforts to enhance maritime public service. Shandong blue and yellow active service of economic development actively participate in the provincial electronic port construction, port authorities to deepen cooperation to further improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Trial underwater construction positive environmental impact of navigation demonstration area is to promote the rapid development of coastal port construction to protect the 300,000-ton ore ship, the 300,000-ton large crude oil tankers, the world's largest 19,000 TEU container ships, 150,000 tons of liquefied natural gas berthing ship safety; to carry out "all-weather" Port studies, the establishment of the port and maritime pilotage tripartite joint security mechanism.Improve the efficiency of port fog navigation, the Port of Qingdao Port and other key port efficiency by 19 to 26 per upgrade by Maersk and other world-renowned shipping companies praise, and enhance the competitiveness of the province's coastal ports.

  [10:10:26 December 8, 2014]Wang Haiyu: Third, make great efforts to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system. Bureau conscientiously implement the higher level, the initiative to adjust the decentralization of administrative powers 38, promptly canceled the relief measures are in place, and to strengthen the administrative examination and approval system, and e-government services. Standardization Bureau Chief actively pursuing the window, standardized construction, the emergence of a "whole-hearted government", "Heiner hundred boats, sincere Zhiyuan," "Chief-weather handling, marine services 365", "111 Marine Heroine" and a number of grass-roots government affairs service brand.


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