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  [2014.9.28] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [15:00:38 September 28, 2014]Chen Qiang: Media friends, ladies and gentlemen: Good afternoon ! On September 26, the Provincial Standing Committee of the tenth meeting of the twelfth through the newly revised "Shandong Elderly Protection Ordinance" next year January 1 officially implemented.

  [15:01:22 September 28, 2014]Ding Xibing: Ladies and gentlemen of the media, comrades: Below, I will, "Bill" to amend the relevant circumstances to give you a briefing. First, the "Regulations" amended background. The ageing population in our province is in very grim situation. By the end of 2013, the population aged 60 or older nearly 17 million, accounting for 17 percent of the province's total population, the number of elderly population in the nation. Expected by the end of 2015, will reach 20 million, then there is a five people over 60 years old. An ageing population, empty nest of, the rapid development of disability to make labor structure and the elderly dependency ratio, intergenerational interests have undergone major changes, based on enhanced family pension, pension improve health care system, strengthen the government's social management and public service functions, the development of senile culture, education, health, sports undertakings and so put forward new and higher requirements. 1999 Provincial Standing Committee of the Ninth through twelfth meeting of the "Shandong Province elderly Protection Ordinance", for the protection of the legitimate interests of the province's elderly, promoting aging, and promote social harmony and stability played an important role. But with the province's economic and social development and the aging population increasingly grim situation, the protection of the rights of the elderly have also been some new situations and new problems.

  [15:04:33 September 28, 2014]Ding Xibing: the progress of the amendment. The provincial ageing department pays much attention to the work of amendment. Since 2112, the work has started. The crafts work group sum up the experiences of rights for the elder, and analyses the new trends and the asks of the elder industry. They also Solicit the views of the community, with reference to elderly Protection Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Zhejiang and other provinces, municipalities and local regulations, after more than two years after the accumulation of precipitation and changes.

  [15:06:44 September 28, 2014]Ding Xibing: The main highlight of the new "Regulations". The new "Regulations" regardless of style from the original thirty-three chapter, becomes the order of eight chapters sixty-two, the structure and terms have been readjusted, more comprehensive content, rich and regulations clearer, more conducive to the actual operation . The main show the following nine highlights. (A) to ensure funding to strengthen the cause of aging. (B) protect the rights of the elderly to strengthen the law enforcement body, and social responsibility. (C) strengthen the foundation of the family pension. (D) the establishment of "an allowance, two subsidy" system. (Five) to strengthen health care services for the elderly measures. Article 29 of the "Regulations", medical, emergency agencies shall promptly received medical treatment in elderly patients, may not refuse treatment; aid agency staff with medical care, elderly patients should adapt handling, escort needs. (F) strengthen the policy support for pension services industry. (Seven) to strengthen the supervision of pension institutions. (Viii) increases the content of social preferential treatment. (Nine) to further promote the Chinese respect for the elderly, pension, HelpAge virtue.

  [15:06:44 September 28, 2014]Ding Xibing: all in all. The new “regulation ” has many highlights. The key is is to amend, refine, increase the pertinence and maneuverability.

Date:2014-12-23 19:14     
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