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  [2014.07.14] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan

  [14:30:38 July 14, 2014]Chen Qiang: Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: good afternoon! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference.On May 30, the provincial eighth meeting of the second session of the Standing Committee voted through the "Shandong Province Highway Traffic Safety regulations" will be officially implemented on August 1.

  [14:32:22 July 14, 2014]Meng Fuqiang: Friends from the media: "Shandong Highway Traffic Safety Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), already in 2014 the province by May 30, the eighth meeting the second session of the Standing Committee since August 1.Since that we can better understand and implement good grasp of this important local laws and regulations, I would like to focus on two aspects of the case:

  [14:34:34 July 14, 2014]Meng Fuqiang: Comprehensive understanding of the legislative background and significance. To speed up the implementation of the Ordinance of the province's economic development and safeguard the people's lives and property safety plays an important role. But with the rapid development and constantly improve national laws, policy documents and province highway undertakings, highway traffic safety administration in new situations and new problems emerging, some provisions of the Ordinance has been lagging behind the development of the situation, or of proven not operational, can not fully meet the current needs of the highway traffic safety administration, and therefore need to revise.

  [14:36:54 July 14, 2014]Meng Fuqiang: Second, an accurate grasp of the Legislative Features "Regulations". "Regulations" from brewing to the promulgation and implementation of the drafting, after a year and three months, repeatedly argued modifications and comments, a collection of thousands of people during the proposal, several drafts, more than 160 times repeatedly revised final formation. The new "Regulations" six chapters sixty-one with an increase of ten than the original regulations, divided into General, traffic regulations, traffic safety, traffic accident rescue and treatment, legal liability and supplementary provisions.

  [14:37:08 July 14, 2014]Meng Fuqiang: (B) reflects the institutional innovation. Institutional innovation is the system to adapt to a new era of development of the necessary and inevitable, the development needs of the times the system. (c) reflects the prominent features. As an important part of local legislation socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, follow the legislative work on the basis of its own laws, we must continue to strengthen with the development of the situation.

  [14:40:58 July 14, 2014]Huai Guodong: A province highway traffic safety management work. The province is a big province highway traffic, transportation capacity, traffic safety management task is very arduous. Highway mileage account fiftieth province's total mileage of roads, but bear two-thirds of the province's passenger and cargo traffic, the province's highway traffic volume in 2013 reached 280 million motorcycles, accessible, high-speed road transport network for the province's economic and social development has played a positive role in promoting.

  [14:46:11 July 14, 2014]Huai Guodong: Second, on the main highlights of the new regulations and innovative provisions. The new regulations adhere to the "unity of the legal, institutional innovation and outstanding characteristics" principles, norms content is very rich, there are many remarkable place. Next, the provincial Public Security Department will deploy in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government to implement the new "Regulations" for the total handle, to further standardize the management of highway traffic safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of traffic participants, the people to maintain of life and property safety, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the economy of our province, and "according to management, prevention, safe and smooth, efficient and convenient," the management objectives and make greater contributions.




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