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  [2014.12.2] Report of the news conference

  Translated by Fang Yuanyuan


  [10:01:00 December 2, 2014]Chen Qiang: Dear friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: good morning! Welcome to the Provincial Information Office press conference. Today, we invite the provincial Agriculture Department deputy director Mr. Wang Dengqi, provincial seed management total Zhanfuzhanchang Ms. Qu Hui Ying introduce to you "the implementation of the SCS file [2013] No. 109 seed industry to deepen reform to improve the innovation capacity of the opinions "The introduction of the background, content and implementation of the next step," the implementation of specific measures opinions ".

  [10:01:10 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng: Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: good morning! Welcome to participate in today's press conference, also take the opportunity to thank you for many years to Shandong Agricultural and rural economic development work of the Agriculture Department care, support and help.

  [10:01:56 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:First, the basic situation of the seed industry . Seed is an important carrier of agricultural science and technology, but also reflects an important symbol of agricultural technology and productivity levels. The province is a major agricultural province with the kind of province, annual grain, cotton, oil, vegetables, flowers, nursery stock and other bacteria and with the kind of about 2.65 billion kilograms. (A) breeding, promotion remarkable results. Since 1982 Variety Approval system since the implementation of the province altogether trial (known) set 1487 crop varieties, crop varieties major upgrading of 5-7 times, seed coverage up to 97%.

  [10:04:09 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:(B) develop and strengthen the advantages of a large number of seed companies. Currently, the province's 352 certified seed companies of which 182 companies issuing provincial, city and county issuing 170 companies.

  [10:05:23 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:(C) seed management system has improved steadily. First, the level of the country's leading regional test varieties. The province has built a national crop varieties listed 40 provincial, and built a more comprehensive network of regional test varieties. Through regional test new varieties and Demonstration, we ensure validation breed security and realize the administration to see recommended species, peasants see bluegrass seed selection, seed companies look bluegrass seed sales, accelerate the promotion and application of new superior varieties.

  [10:06:20 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:After years of efforts, the province has made rapid development of the seed industry regardless of the requirements of the development trend of modern seed industry which is compared with the development of modern agriculture.There are still some gaps, development still faces many difficulties and problems. First, the market and intensifying competition.

  [10:07:44 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:Second, the lack of independent innovation capability.

  [10:08:36 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:Third, market supervision should be strengthened.

  [10:09:45 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng:Document issued two years, a strong impetus to the development of the province's crop seed industry. But in the development process, some deep, systemic problems continue to highlight.The seed industry is an urgent need to deepen reform and to accelerate the establishment of a sound seed industry technology innovation system.

  [10:16:09 December 2, 2014]Wang Qideng: Fourth, accelerate the establishment of a new species after the grant award system and the provincial disaster seed reserve system against natural disasters to develop as soon as possible "after the new varieties subsidy incentives" and "disaster seed reserve management against natural disasters." Fifth, do a good job overall planning and agriculture-related projects funds.





Date:2014-12-22 10:58     
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