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Penglai Pavilion

Penglai Pavilion or Penglai Pagoda (simplified Chinese: >蓬莱阁; traditional Chi ... [more]

Temple of Confucius

Temple of Confucius or Confucian temple (simplified Chinese: >孔庙; traditional ... [more]

Mount Tai

Mount Tai (Chinese: >泰山) is a mountain of historical and cultural significanc ... [more]

Zhan Qiao

Zhan Qiao (Chinese 栈桥, loading pier) pier is at the southern shore of Qingdao of ... [more]

Mount Lao

Location: Laoshan District of Qingdao Ticket Price: 150 yuanLaoshan is a famous ... [more]

Thousand Buddha Mountain

Location:No.11of the 11st Jing Street of Lixia District, JinanTicket Price: 30 y ... [more]



Qingdao:Seaview Garden Hotel

Address: 2 Zhuanhua Road, QingdaoNumber: 86-532-5875777Qingdao Seaview Garden Ho ... [more]

Qingdao:Haitian Hotel

Address: 48 Hong Kong Xilu, QingdaoNumber: 86-532-3871888 [more]

Jinan:Shungeng Hillview Hotel

Address: 28 Shungeng Road, JinanNumber: 86-532-2951818 [more]

Jinan:Guidu Hotel

Adress: 1 Shengping Street, JinanNumber: 86-532-6900888 [more]

Jinan:Crowne Plaza Jinan Hotel

Adress: 3 Tianditan Street, JinanNumber: 86-532-6029999 [more]

Jinan:Softel Silver Plaza Hotel

Address: No. 66 Luoyuan Avenue, Jinan, Shandong Number: 86-531-6068888Location:P ... [more]