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Air force young soldier sacrificed himself to save students who fell into the lake


Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong On Internet

Hu dongqing,the young hero is just only 23 years old. He jumped into the river to save people and the day he sacrificed in the Youth Day,which is a missile brigade of the economic space corporal Hu Dongqing. He struggled to save the students who fell into the lake and sank to the bottom with the hands lifted forever.

Yesterday is the month memorial day for Hu Dongqing. The students and the teachers of Liaocheng University used their special way to pay tribute to the souls of this young hero. It is also on this day, people living by the Dongchang Lake get to know the young man who sacrifice himself to save the others.

In the past few days, the teachers and the students of Liaocheng University have been in the memory of the air force soldier. He used his life to let them know his name, but he would sleep in the Dongchang Lake forever.

Date:2012-6-5 22:52:19     
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