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HAIYAGN 2012 Asian Beach Games to implement real-name system for the admission in the opening ceremony


Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong On Internet
The 3ed Asian Beach Games is to be held in Haiyang. The reporter gets the news from the news conference that in order to keep the safety, some parts of the roads would be limited on the day of the opening ceremony. And the information of the ticket must be consistent with the ID card.

The opening ceremony of the Asian Beach Games implementing the real-name system

The leader of the Yantai Security Bureau Detachment introduced that the security of opening ceremony published time by time.

The management of the tickets implements the real-name system strictly. The information of the ticket must be the same as the ID card. About management of the cards, all kinds of the safety workers must work in the special place according to the limitation of the card. About the admission security, if the strict check found the contraband goods, they shall be handed over.
Date:2012-6-15 16:23:11     
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