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Jinan: college student to buy 15% off bus tickets

Translated by Fang Yuanyuan (Shandong On Internet

As the summer vacation is coming, for the convenience of Jinan major colleges and universities students successfully return home, "students" work of Jinan Bus Terminal is in full swing. From  today, Jinan Bus Terminal "students services team will be stationed in the urban area of Jinan 30 college campus for college students to provide on-site consultation in Changqing and Zhangqiu with  services of the 20 days of booking in advance and  15% carry-on baggage for free to all concessionary travel measures.

According to the different arrangements of the university holiday date, Jinan Bus Terminal is to finalize the students services team from June 11 to July 1. They stationed in various colleges and universities. In the holiday period, Jinan Bus Terminal will be sent to hundreds of students to the station by car for free. In the meantime, Jinan Bus Terminal specifically prepared the destitute outstanding students 200 free ride cards.

Date:2012-6-12 7:08:13     
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