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Police officer hurt pushing suspect from car's path

A suspected car thief, who was pushed out of the way of an oncoming car by a police officer, left his savior in agony and went on the run.

Security officers in Rizhao, Shandong province, received a report about stolen vehicles from a company on Aug 30 and apprehended a suspect, while two others escaped.

Three days later, officers Qin Kai and Pan Hao caught the other two. However, as they took them to their car, a vehicle charged them. Qin pushed a suspect away and was hit, receiving fractures to his legs.

The suspect took his chance to flee, while Pan controlled the other suspect and called for an ambulance.

Qin has received praise for his bravery.

(Qilu Evening News)

Date:2011-9-22 8:09:03     
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