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Apple fan blogs said readers were becoming “iPer excited” about Apple’s new iCloud service, even though they don’t know what it can do yet.

苹果迷的博客上说,大家正对苹果公司新的云服务“iPer excited”,即使他们还不知道那玩意儿能做什么。

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IPer is a cross between iPad and hyper (Hyper means ‘very, very’). Instead of saying you’re hyper excited, you can say you’re “iPer” excited, but only when you’re talking about Apple products.

Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad have let to several new words to describe Apple product users. If a kid is addicted to his iPad, he’s “an iPadizzle kid.” If someone likes to look over the shoulder of someone else to see what he is looking at on his iPhone or iPad, he’s called an i-Peeper. What do you call the fellow who asks you what kind of equipment you use, and then bothers you with questions about why you did NOT choose Apple? You call him an i-Pest.

IPer是iPad和hyper的合成词(Hyper的意思是“非常”)。除了说你hyper excited(非常激动),你还可以说“iPer” excited,但只有当你在谈到苹果公司的产品时才能这么说。

如今出现了很多新词来形容苹果公司产品的用户,这些产品有iPod, iPhone和iPad等等。如果一个小孩玩儿iPad上瘾,他就是一个“iPadizzle kid”。如果一个人喜欢越过他人的肩膀看他正在观看iPhone 或iPad上的什么内容,他就被称为i-Peeper。要是有人问你用什么产品,然后还老问你为什么不用苹果的产品,你怎么称呼他?你可以叫他i-Pest。

(中国日报网英语点津 实习生沈清 编辑:Julie)

Date:2011-9-19 16:08:24     
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