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How gutter cooking oil finds its way back to dining table?

BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhuanet) – One oil producing company in East China`s Shandong Province is one of the companies involved in the gutter cooking oil trade case. So far, nearly 700 tons of gutter oil has been seized and 9 people arrested. How this disgusting gutter cooking oil is processed?

You are forgiven to go a bit off color when hearing these substances will finally be on people`s dining tables. This factory began to process gutter cooking oil as early as 2003. Here, large amount of unused white substances are stored.

Ting Shihui, a police officer, said, "This is a kind of adsorbent. As the gutter cooking oil is smelly and very thick. The smell will be removed by using these materials."

According to the registration information, the factory can only produce biodiesel. However, this new machines indicate that what the company produced in the past few years was nothing but cooking oil made from gutter oil.

Feng Weifeng, a police officer, said, "Compared to biodiesel, it`s much easier to produce cooking oil. Meanwhile, the cost of producing biodiesel is much higher. That`s why the company chooses to produce poisonous cooking oil instead."

The company bought the gutter oil at a price of 6,000 yuan per ton. After processing, it can be sold at 8,000 yuan per ton, one third higher than the original price.

So far, the company has the ability to produce 50 tons of poisonous cooking oil, gaining profits of tens of millions of yuan every year. All the oil is sold on the market. In response, police have seized poisonous cooking oil sold to the market in Central China`s Henan Province. But more tough work faces the police to thoroughly eliminate all the gutter oil sold in the market.

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