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2030 sets of low-rent housing available in Jinan

Translated by Fang Yuanyuan ( )
Jinan Housing Authority informs that the capital will offer low-rent housing in the morning on Nov.8,2011. The selection of the house is held on the 4 th floor in Jinan Real Estate Hall. All the guests participate in and each guest choose a certain number of family sequence number until it completes.
There are 2030 sets of low-cost available housing in Jinan. There are 979 sets of one-room house and 1051 sets of two-room house. After 4 months of application acceptance and qualification, the end of July, total of 2886 families will obtain the certification in Jinan. The relevant information and availablity is going to show to the public this year. Total of 2654 families are identified to participate in this year`s low-rent housing selection.
Date:2011-11-7 16:42:44     
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