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Master of paper crafts
Master of paper crafts


Nie Fangjun, a 79-year-old craftsman, paints a paper dragon at his studio in Fenghuang county, Central China`s Hunan province, Oct 30, 2011. Born in a paper craft family, Nie began making his own designs at the age of 10. The paper crafts are made with bamboo frames and colored paper pasted outside. Originally used for sacrificial rites in ancient China, the crafts have become part of holiday celebrations. Nie makes various kinds of paper works, including animals, plants and people. "My handmade things are more natural than those made by machine," he said. Nie also said his skills will be handed down and he has six apprentices. His paper crafts have been listed as a state-level intangible cultural heritage. [Photo/Xinhua]





Master of paper crafts

Nie Fangjun makes a paper dragon in his studio, Oct 30, 2011. [Photo/Xinhua]


Date:2011-11-2 14:19:43     
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