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US throwing stones over unfair competition

Chinese enterprises making investment in the United States have encountered unfair treatment over recent years. The U.S. House Intelligence Committee`s probe of Chinese companies such as Huawei is just one case.

The U.S. side has claimed that Huawei`s expansion in the United States will likely be a potential threat to its national security. Such groundless "concerns" have kept many Chinese enterprises from entering the U.S. market.

There are many American experts who are good at provoking ideological conflicts with other countries. To defend so-called "fair competition," Washington has not only misinterpreted China`s development pattern as "state capitalism" but has also criticized the Chinese government for backing Chinese enterprises.

It is widely known that regulating China`s path of development has always been part of the U.S. strategy. Trying to affect China`s political and economic system by squeezing Chinese enterprises is nothing new.

China is a country in which diverse forms of ownership coexist, and it neither intends to discriminate against U.S. private ownership nor lacks confidence in itself, because it has strong state-owned enterprises. In addition to observing international economic and trade rules, China`s state-owned enterprises are participating in severe international competition in a fair and square manner.
China has drawn upon the wisdom of various civilizations in the process of development and set a good example for other countries. Certain U.S. scholars and experts have become accustomed to using the U.S. growth model to interpret China`s development in a far-fetched way. However, if U.S. policymakers also adopt the same practice, it may lead to strategic misjudgments and bring strategic risks to the country.

Western-led international systems have become somewhat outdated and are undergoing dramatic changes due to the collective rise of emerging powers. At present, global economic governance urgently needs to be reformed, and it is petty and unreasonable to conduct "political discrimination" or to defame competitors simply because of differences in the system of ownership and in the mode of operation.

The United States is facing many tough economic problems, and the only way out is adjusting its economic structure and fixing its political system. Unfairly treating Chinese enterprises is not only useless but also harmful to its economic recovery.

Date:2011-11-25 21:51:14     
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