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Aigo suit strengthens patent protection

Edited and Translated by People`s Daily Online

China`s Aigo Digital Technology Company`s recent successful lawsuit against Toshiba (China) over the infringements of USB Plus patents has bolstered intellectual property protection in China.

The Xi`an Intermediate Court in Shaanxi province ruled that Toshiba should stop selling laptop products with Aigo’s USB Plus linkage technology and pay 200,000 yuan for compensation after it was found that global brands, including HP and Toshiba, violated Aigo`s USB PLUS patents in 100 million computers sold in 2010.

As a storage port technology, USB Plus has a high-speed data transmission of 3Gbps, which is six times faster than that of USB 2.0. Industry insiders said that winning the lawsuit will help Aigo to promote its patent licensing around the world.

Following the shift from "Made in China" to "Created in China," it is urgent for Chinese enterprises to protect core technology by increasing the awareness about patent application and positively formulating flexible patent strategies that are consistent with their development.

Undoubtedly, Aigo`s win against Toshiba in the patent violation case will not only promote the protection of independent innovations by domestic enterprises, but it has also shown that Chinese enterprises have defended their interests for the first time when facing patent violations by foreign-funded companies. This will surely set a good example for Chinese enterprises, particularly high-tech ones.

Date:2011-11-24 16:57:53     
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