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China addresses US South China Sea worries

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin at a daily briefing in Beijing on Nov. 21, 2011.

Beijing, Nov.22 (People`s Daily Online) -- China on Monday told the United States to stay out of the South China Sea dispute.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin yesterday responded to a question at a briefing on whether China and America could consult with each other over the South China Sea issue.

"The South China Sea issue is complicated and sensitive," said Liu. "Based on the international experiences, this kind of issue could only be resolved bilaterally between countries directly involved."

Liu believed that the parties directly involved have the wisdom to solve the disputes on their own, and there is no need for external forces to intervene.

The South China Sea contains some of the world`s busiest shipping lanes as well as oil and gas reserves.

China holds a U-shaped area of the sea, which overlaps the ones Philippines, Vietnam and other neighboring countries claim belong to them.

American President Barack Obama last week pledged increased U.S. engagement with the region and a strong military presence, including the deployment of U.S. Marines to Darwin in Australia.

"Judging from the current situation, outside intervention will only complicate the South China Sea issue and will not help resolve it," said Liu. (Li Zhenyu)

Date:2011-11-22 16:44:31     
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